"This book is a gem — witty and full of insight. It should be compulsory reading for every   aspiring director."
— Dame Judi Dench

"This book is so sensible, so straightforward, so complete, and so 'right' that somebody might   think it was not serious. They would be wrong."
— Playwright Edward Albee

"The next best thing to working with Frank Hauser is to read his book. His wise and pithy   observations on acting and rehearsing don't age, reminding me how much I have learned   from him."
— Sir Ian McKellen

"Excellent book—I've dipped everywhere, always with profit and pleasure. Very attractive   book, too."
— Playwright Tom Stoppard

"...if you need a practical manual of the craft, this book should be by your side."
— Sir Richard Eyre
Former Artistic Director
Britain's Royal National Theatre

"Shamelessly dogmatic and practical, this book offers the serious, time-tested elements of craft   that are readily applied yet too often neglected. It's bold, audacious and refreshing. Don't go   to rehearsal without it."
— Director Moises Kaufman

"This book is full of wonderful insights, expressed in a simple and straightforward way. It   would benefit anyone interested in directing."
— Director Jerry Zaks
Multiple Tony Award Winner

"A slim, quotable classic."
— Actress Rosemary Harris
Academy Award Nominee

"This book is filled with smart, useful, thoughtful advice, born of years of service to an   elusive craft. How rare it is for two of our own to talk so shrewdly, candidly and succinctly   about the process of making a production. I learned a lot from this remarkably   straightforward book, and I debated with it. It is invaluable."
— Director Mark Lamos

"Chock full of good advice."
— Director Marshall Mason
Five-time Tony Award Nominee

"The fundamentals of theatre that no director or actor can afford to ignore."
— Actor Rupert Graves

"It's a testament to the value of these modestly titled Notes that they go far beyond their   wonderful applicability to the staging of a play or the creation of a film. This book will be a   delightful read for nearly anybody, filled as it is with humor and life lessons, and the   priceless insight of two keen observers of human behavior."
— Scenic Designer Robin Wagner
Multiple Tony Award Winner

Read What the Critics are Saying...
"Blunt, funny, utterly relevant, amazingly illuminating. I've never read anything that taught   me more about the theater in so short a space...deserves to earn at least a million dollars, if   not a Nobel Peace Prize."
— Terry Teachout, Drama Critic THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

"...At last! A book [that] doesn't have to be big to be beautiful or weighty to be significant...   a publication that is likely to find itself in very many directors' essential reading lists.   Whatever situation you find yourself in, this little gem of wisdom will certainly put you back   on the right track or, indeed, give you the answer. "

" indispensable resource...a straightforward glimpse into the art of playmaking. But it   also lets actors in on what is expected of them and how they can more effectively take   direction, by giving them insights into what the director thinks and sees... If you don't know   what the director is getting at with a particular note, if you don't know the importance of   thanking the stage manager, if you don't know how to recreate that hilarious bit of business   after opening night, then this is the book for you."
— BACKSTAGE magazine

"Anyone looking for wise 'common folk' knowledge that the directing textbooks do not include   will want to pick up this work, the most sensible and practical work on directing on the   bookshelf. One cannot help but ask, 'Why didn't I think of that?' or 'Where was this book   when I started my career?' This book has such wonderful insights it will benefit anyone   interested in directing or play going in general. Summing up: Essential.... "
— CHOICE magazine

"...highly useful...thoroughly enjoyable and a thought-provoking look at the directing   process... Equally insightful for directors and actors, whether experienced or novice, this slim   volume is essential for all performing arts / theater collections."
in a starred review

"Libraries and bookshops are full of tomes on stage and film direction, but none are quite   like Notes on Directing... provocative... witty... refreshing... The authors are erudite but   never pretentious; their shared point of view is supremely humane; their prose has a   lucidity, even elegance, that is unknown among contemporary American how-to books... "

" sitting down for sherry with a slightly dotty, rather wicked and very droll Oxford   don...ironic, frequently temperamental, occasionally acid-tongued, and utterly incapable of   suffering fools. Sophisticated...terrific...full of surprising interests and quirky delights.... "
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“Deserves to earn at
least a million
dollars if not a
Nobel Peace

The Wall
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